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Colombia - Jairo Lopez

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Brown Sugar

Meet Jairo Humberto López, the ultimate coffee aficionado whose roots are deeply entwined with the world of coffee through a strong tradition of coffee farming. Fifteen years ago, Jairo decided to dive headfirst into the art of coffee production solo-style.

Finca Villa Norena, is tucked away near the Nevado del Tolima, it's a coffee paradise with a twist. Thanks to its prime location, it's got a mix of microclimates going on, giving Jairo's beans a flavor profile that's as complex as a crossword puzzle.

And thanks to the expertise of PECA, a leading education program, Jairo's fermentation process is top-notch, perfectly tailored to his beans and the weather conditions. We're tasting brown sugar, the sexy rock 'n roll kind. Bam to that. 

Tasting notes - Brown Sugar

Variety - Caturra, Typica, Yellow Bourbon

Region - Tolima, Colombia

Altitude - 1750 metres above sea level

Process - washed

Producer - Jairo Lopez

Roasted for - Espresso and Filter

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