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Groundskeeper Willie Coffee Roasters was started by Attie and Will in a tribute to Dachshund Ralph.

The story started many years ago, founding a coffee roastery in Vancouver B.C. after attending a coffee forum in Atlanta Georgia. The roastery was a passion project in conjunction with an alternative business school, with a view to help underprivileged youth get a leg up in coffee and business.

Fast forward a few years, the rain in Vancouver kept falling and home in Australia was calling. The trio moved back to the Sunshine Coast and a few beers later… Willie was born.

meanwhile, in vancouver, we... 

Started a small apartment fire while roasting on our Huky 500 

Won two silver medals at Golden Bean

Helped underprivileged youth get a leg up learning about starting a business in coffee 

Met some of our favourite producers in Nicaragua, and got to tell them them their coffee was awesome 

Threw our roaster in the back of a U-Haul truck, built a makeshift crate and shipped him back home to Australia

Were voted one of Vancouver's top coffee roasters 

Will in Nicaragua visiting a coffee farm

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