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New Release - Ethiopia Hadeso

New Release - Ethiopia Hadeso

Ethiopians are here! The first on our line up is a stunning natural from a privately owned washing station, Hadeso, in Ethiopia's Guji zone. Because who doesn't love a Guji?

The majority of the 650 or so families who contribute cherries farm organically on tiny plots of land, just 205 hectares in size. Coffee is their main cash crop and their farms are situated on very high elevation, ideal for the slow ripening of cherries, resulting in dense beans and sweet and complex coffee.

Ethiopian Hadeso - Guji

This coffee is naturally processeed, hand picked and sorted and was spread evenly on African beds to dry in the sun.

If you like the high life, this coffee is for you. Tastes like peach nectar, lemon custard and hazlenut. Yeah, you're telling us? YUM!

Like our other high-flyin' Ethiopians, this one won't last long. 

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