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Meet the Crew - Vic

Meet the Crew - Vic

Meet The Crew - Vic 

Meet our newest team member, head barista Victoria! Vic joined us just before Christmas and is a downright legend keeping us all in line with her passion for coffee, love for doggos and solid organisation. We asked Vic a few questions to share some background on our newest Willie crewbie!

Hey Vic, so we hear an accent, where are you from? I was born and raised in Oklahoma, and moved to Australia in 2017.

And you really know your coffee, where did you start working in coffee? I started by coffee career in Canberra, working with ONA. I hadn't worked in coffee before so trained myself at home to prove I knew what I was doing, and they gave me a job! 

Do you have a memorable coffee experience? When Sam Cora (head roaster of ONA coffee) made the best filter I'd ever had, it tasted like strawberry jam. I Just happened to be in the roastery at the time, and it blew my mind. Also just having specialty coffee for the first time after living in America (real America, not the hipster part with good coffee) was incredible. It was what inspired me to work in coffee. 

And what's something we wouldn't know about you (we've since discovered there are many interesting things about Vic...)? I do art in my spare time, I love to paint. 

And since we're open Monday to Friday, what do you get up to on the weekend? I volunteer every Saturday at SCARS animal rescue, I love working with dogs. (If you bring your doggo in, you'll understand where her love comes from!).

As a quirky bunch ourselves, long term supporters of SCARS and lovers of coffee, we're loving having Vic on board!

Say hello next time you're in, and we dare you to ask her about the coffee scene in Oklahoma... 
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