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Dog Rescue Drive - Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue

Dog Rescue Drive - Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue

It's a new quarter, and time for another fundraising drive for our furry friends in need. From August to October we'll be supported Devoted 2 Dachshunds, an incredible not-for-profit that has just gone through the busiest year in its existence thanks to the after-effects of the COVID puppy mania.

For those who have met our little fella Wally, you'll know that D2DR is close to our heart. Wally was surrendered and rescued by D2DR when he was 5 years old. Now living a very cushy life at our home, complete with beach walks, meaty bones and more snuggles than a sloth.

About Devoted 2 Dachshunds Rescue 

D2DR is the only dachshund breed specific rescue group operating in Australia that takes in EVERY dachshund that needs assistance, or a home. Other dachshund groups might throw around the word “rescue” but in the end they pick and choose what dogs they accept (as opposed to the open door policy of D2DR) and are largely focused on the financially safe work of dachshund rehoming. #nodachshundleftbehind

Around 70% of the dogs we deal with each year are our “straight forward” rehomes (and it’s the adoption fees from these rehomes that help to pay for our rescue work). It’s the other 30% of dogs that make up our rescue dachshunds and of course the permanent fosters in our care. In the 2021-22 FY just completed, this 30% of dogs accounted for around 65% of our vet bills. We spent nearly $25,000 on our permanent fosters alone (which currently stands at 18 dogs).

Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue

Pictured above, Pippi, the permanent foster dog with the biggest heart! 

Our total vet bill for the 2021-22 FY was $156,030 – ie an average of $3,000 per week for every week of the year. 

This is a 56% increase in our vet bill in just a single year over the then record vet bill from the previous financial year. As D2DR rehomed about the same number of dogs, this 56% increase in our vet bill is entirely down to the increase in our rescue work. In the 2021-22 Financial Year we had a total of ten (10) IVDD surrenders requiring surgery plus three (3) pes varus (a complicatino requiring surgery). 


From August to October we'll be donating $1 per kilo of coffee sold to D2DR to help with dogs like Pippi and the many vet bills they face. We'll also have our trusty 'tip tub' on the counter so if you have some spare change that's weighing you down, it would go a long way for these guys!




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