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Nicaragua - Mango Microlot

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Mango Wilde Microlot - Off Leash

We met Ben from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers many years ago and on our origin visit to Nicaragua met many of his member growers. The level of education Ben provides is second to none, and you'll see the word 'meticulous' spelt out in the colour consistency of these ripe cherries!  Ben believes that sometimes a particular day's picking on a farm has a distinct taste, and has celebrated the enzymatics (taste/smell experiences) of the mango by putting these small holder grower day-lots together in this unique microlot.

This lot is comprised of red and yellow caturra, red and yellow catuai, and even some red
pacamara (!) all picked as perfectly-ripe cherries and dried for about 34 days on raised beds so that air can circulate above and below the cherries. All traceable and direct. 

Take us back to Nicaragua already...!

Tasting notes - Sticky Mango

Variety - Red & Yellow Caturra, Red & Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, Pache

Region - Jinotega, Nicaragua

Altitude - 1200-1600masl

Process - Natural

Producer - Smallholder growers through Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Roasted for - Espresso and Filter


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