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Bellman Cappucino

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The Bellman CX25P is a solid little stovetop espresso style coffee maker.

Create espresso and steamed milk that will rival your favorite local cafe - all with the heat of your stove. Or heading away camping, and can’t bear to leave your morning flat white behind… This is your new pal!

This espresso maker brews espresso that’s akin to the stove top espresso you could get from a moka pot. It’s intense, it can be topped with crema, and it’s great alone or paired with milk. Brew anywhere from 3-9 cofffees and serve the whole crew.

The attached pressure gauge lets you know exactly when enough pressure is built up to brew a balanced shot. It also tells you just the right moment to stop brewing.

The cafe-style steam wand is designed to rival commercial espresso machines. With it, you’ll be able to create that creamy, silky steamed milk you love in cappuccinos and flat whites.

This espresso maker and steamer works with induction (top must be suitable for 304 grade stainless), gas, and electric stovetops. If you find yourself camping, it’ll work over a fire as well, making delicious campsite coffee a reality. The stainless steel body and bakelite construction will serve you for decades.

Pro tip - Try brewing a stronger 1:2 ratio espresso on this little guy for a cappuccino with that espresso kick. 30g in/60g out.

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