Good Willie

What fuels us (other than espresso) is hearing something can't be done. When we started our journey we learnt that coffee bags weren't recyclable, disposable cups were causing dramas in landfill and styrofoam was the best solution for cold transport. We are determined to search high and low for the best sustainable solutions wherever possible. 



our boxes

100% recycled paper

100% reuseable

Compostable plant based inner bag & sticker 

**Our boxes are reusable! BRING THEM BACK FOR A FREE COFFEE!**


Sourcing right

We only source from farmers we trust.

We fuel our obsession for coffee and travel by visiting coffee regions around the world understanding the challenges and supporting education and growth however possible. 

Coffee Roaster

partner support

We want our partner cafes to feel good about doing good too. From BYO cups to reusable pails and packaging.

Everything we do has considered the earth, with no sweat on your part. 


Good Willie Loves Dogs

we love dogs

we donate $1 a kilo to dog rescue



We're always striving to improve the way we do things.

Know something we don't? Get in touch!