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Nicaragua - El Suspiro

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Orange Sherrrrrrbert - On Leash

El Suspiro belongs to Alejandro Saldaña and Maria Ligia who with support from the Mierish family have a beautiful coffee crop. El Suspiro, which translates
to “the whisper,” is located in the department of Matagalpa in the Cerro Arenal
Nature Reserve full of creeks and native birds, butterflies, and flowers.

Alejandro, originally from El Salvador, visited many producers in that country was
able to obtain fantastic seed stock of the varieties that would come to represent El
Suspiro: Orange Bourbon. Oh and fun fact about El Suspiro, the first harvest date is usually on Christmas, 25th of December. How festive?!

The ripe cherries are picked, then floated and carefully depulped using the
least amount of water as possible. Post fermentation, the parchment is washed then transported to dry mill Don Esteban with a unique, even drying system on tarps followed by raised beds in the greenhouse. A drying process designed for flavour, orange sherrrrrrbert. 

Tasting notes - Orange Sherbert

Region - El Suspiro, Nicaragua

Altitude - 850-1100ml above sea level

Variety - Caturra

Process - Washed

Producer - Mierisch Family

Roasted for - Espresso


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