We have moved!

We’re one step closer to having our roastery, coffee shop and tea bar all under ONE ROOF!

If you’ve visited us before in Moffat Beach, we’re now across the road. About, let’s say, 100m from our previous location. Right in between Tribal Fitness and Powerlife keeping our energy high.

We’ll miss our 4 Ingredient neighbours terribly but you all have promised to make the enormous walk (!) across the road… so we’ll see you there soon!

Dogs are welcome as always, and there’s still plenty of parking now with lots more shady space to hang out.

Come check out our new digs and what’s going to be a great community space in the near future.

Attie & Will

Golden Bean AU/NZ 2018 - Awards

Golden Bean AU/NZ 2018 results are in and your Sunshine Coast Roasters have some new bling for the pool room!

From over 1400 entries Australia and New Zealand wide, we picked up the following medals!

Swiss Water Decaf - SILVER

Don Sabino Filter - BRONZE

Colombia La Pyramide Filter - BRONZE

Low Rider Espresso - BRONZE

Judging, day two at the Golden Bean AU/NZ 2018

Judging, day two at the Golden Bean AU/NZ 2018

We`ll admit, it was a bit of a last minute scramble. Our Colombia beans had only arrived a day before we had to send off our entry so it was a `first roast… fingers crossed` kinda day!

The calibre of coffee at this years Golden Bean was exceptional, we tasted some incredible coffees and are so humbled to be considered up there with Australia and New Zealands’ best.

Hanging with Carolina Ibarra Garay - World Aeropress Champion

Hanging with Carolina Ibarra Garay - World Aeropress Champion

The conference itself was fantastic, and it was such fun to catch up with roasters from Canada, the U.S., Australia and NZ and the many beers helped keep the espresso jitters at bay.

Speaking of beer, we had to sadly fly out before the awards dinner so will have to find another opportunity to whip out the medieval gear. Will does rock a knight costume.

See you next year Port Macquarie, we had a blast.

Attie & Will

Wee Tee!

It’s here! The WEE TEE has arrived. Because every little person deserves to look awesome in Willie gear!


Our Wee Tee is for our littlest Willies - sized from 12-18 months. It’s made from soft, Australian cotton, and comes with buttons on one sleeve for easier dressing. In a bright white, with navy print… your Wee Willie will be the talk of the town!

Available on our store with a limited supply. Get in fast for Christmas!

Attie & (Big) Will

New Filter - Don Sabino Washed!

Toot the horn! We’ve just put our first boxes of one of our favourite filter coffees, Don Sabino’s washed process on the shelf. This filter coffee is clean, crisp and reminds us of those red candy apples you almost broke your teeth on as a kid.

Don Sabino Coffee

We visited Don back in February on his small coffee farm La Fuente in Nicaragua with Ben from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (a very handy translator as our Spanish is basic at best), just outside Jinotega.

The farm sits at 1400m and produces both Catuai and Caturra. At the end of a long day of farm visits, we rolled down one VERY steep driveway (ask Will about his newly found 4WD skills) and bumped our way to a very modest, but warm and inviting family home.

Inside, we met Don, his wife, 3 small children and their cute dog who couldn’t get enough of a tummy scratch.

Will (the giant) and Attie at Don’s farm in Nicaragua

Will (the giant) and Attie at Don’s farm in Nicaragua

With the premium price Don received for his outstanding coffee he wished to improve some of the buildings and processing equipment on the farm. With new raised beds last year, Don experimented with his very first natural processed coffee, where the cherries are dried whole. If you’re after an even wilder ride with Don’s coffee, we’ll have some of the natural in the coming months!

If you’re new to filter, check out our brew guides or give us a shout, we’ll happily show you some tips. Enjoy this coffee, we sure are.

… Is Don, is good!

Attie & Will


Coming down to our Moffat Beach Pop Up? We make every effort to ensure that we are a responsible cafe and we encourage you to BYO cup and save 50c when you do.

If you don’t have your BYO cup on you, no worries. We get it, sometimes coffee just calls! Our takeaway cups are 100% biodegradable (including the lid!).

We also sell our Willie meet Frank - Frank Green Coffee Cups for sale. Coffee’s on us when you buy one!


We look forward to being able to offer even more sustainable options in the future when we have a permanent space. As we’ll have everything including that ol’ kitchen sink!

Until then… bring down your keep cups! Good for the planet, fun for all.

Attie & Will