The Curated Plate

We’ve had to sit on our hands these past weeks to keep the launch of Australia’s most exciting food festival a secret! Thankfully, this amazing four day food festival is now launched and we can start to share some of what’s happening.

The Curated Plate is a four day food extravaganza right here in our backyard of The Sunny Coast! Eep! We’re feeling pretty stoked to be the chosen home for this food fiesta, and fiesta it will be. As well as a host of collaboration dinners and famous chefs flying in from around the globe, there will be jet ski adventures , beach BBQs, and dinners under the stars.

But wait, there’s more. Groundskeeper Willie will be hosting a series of coffee and tea workshops to show ya’ll how to make some cool recipes and take coffee well beyond a morning ritual.


While we all thought he was just bumming around, all that time in Aspen and Edinburgh mixing cocktails at swanky bars has paid off for Will, and now he’s ready to share his mixology magic.

So save the date - August 8-11, 2019 and here’s a sneak peek…

We’ll release more info soon on what’s going on with The Curated Plate. In the meantime follow along our pages on Facebook/Insta!

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