Willie Chilli - Chilli Espresso Martini

This weekend marks the HOT 91.1 Ignite Chilli Festival in Caloundra! We’re pumped to head down and explore the world of Sunshine Coast chilli. There will be numerous stalls of food and flavour, cooking demonstrations and even a chilli eating championship (we’ll stick to coffee!).

In honour of punching above ones weight (as does said chilli) we’ve created a cocktail to kick your night into form. The Willie Chilli Espresso Martini!

Willie Chilli Espresso Martini Recipe:

1 part Vodka

1/2 part Kahlua

1 part Espresso

1 pinch Chilli Powder

Chilli salt for garnish (or a small, whole chilli)


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with a generous amount of ice

Shake hard & strain into a chilled martini glass

Garnish with coffee beans, chilli salt (or a whole chilli on the side of the glass) and serve

Photo credit: https://www.fourlinesupply.com/coffee-cocktails

Photo credit: https://www.fourlinesupply.com/coffee-cocktails

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See you at the Chilli festival!

Attie & Will